The Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior has again been expanded with another marvelous room for its guests! Preserving the genuine concept of the hotel, the elegant, upper middle class atmosphere of the “Saloon” provides a new experience with all.

Decorated with exquisite 3D designed SICIS mosaic, the wall next to the main entrance leads from the lobby to the vivacious space of the Saloon where custom fabricated furniture and quality textile decorate the interior in addition to hand-painted Zsolnay porcelain.

Originally, saloons were parlors, places of reception where the prominent representatives of arts were frequently invited and reading sessions were held. The Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior re-interpreted the function of its Saloon and modernized its services but preserved its design. Therefore, the Saloon has become these days a venue for business events, galas, and other social occasions to say nothing of recalling the atmosphere of the end of the 19th century.

Furthermore, the Saloon is more than convenient for reading, relaxing and even working under serene circumstances. Satisfying the demands of our modern world, excellent wifi Internet connection is available for all who desire to stay in the Saloon.

We are warmly welcoming our guests in Prestige Hotel Budapest****Superior new Saloon!

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