Hotel services


With Concierge, we endeavor to provide a specific, up-to-the-minute service with sightseeing recommendations and programs in Budapest and around the capital.

Whether you visit our design hotel for business or pleasure, the warm and personal service is sure to make your stay a delight.


  • Program Organization
  • Restaurant and Café Reservations
  • Offers and reservations of sightseeing tours: bus, boat, helicopter
  • Private guide
  • Ticket reservation
  • Transfers (All transfers must be booked at least 24 hrs in advance. At the time of booking please state that you will book a one-way or two-way transfer.)
  • Laundry, ironing, and cleaning
  • Rent: bicycle, car, and baby carriage
  • Sending letters and postcards

Our special offer

City Tour

To get our tailor-made recommendation, please contact us about your specific program preferences.

  • Tel.: +36 1 920 1000
  • E-mail:

Reserve your sightseeing city tour at the hotel`s reception!

Our guests can choose from the most popular Budapest sightseeing tours by bus and boat and other programs, such as rural tours.

Guests can be sure to obtain the best service programs in Budapest since only reliable and experienced service providers are working within the tourism industry.

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