COVID-19 operating protocol

Dear Guests!

We are pleased to let you know that our Prestige Hotel Budapest**** is open. Let us inform you about the up-to-date Hungarian regulations related to travel and tourism.
Although circumstances have changed, our slogan has remained the same:

„Enjoy the hospitality!”

Our most important and everlasting mission remains the genuine care of our guests, which we are now implementing in response to the changed situation, with a stricter safety measures than before. Our precautions are listed in the Health Care Codex below, further on please, learn the current restrictions in Hungary in the next point called „Before arriving at our hotel”. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Under the actual regulations laid down by the Hungarian Government, those foreign citizens may enter Hungary:

  • who have a permanent or Hungarian residence permit for more than 90 days (in the case of the former, family members can also enter),
  • athletes or sports professionals working in Hungary,
  • employees of Hungarian cultural institutions,
  • freight forwarders,
  • persons on official visits,
  • and all those who can prove that they have been infected with COVID-19 in the last six months.

On the basis of the negotiations, an agreement was reached with the following twelve countries on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates for all vaccines used in Hungary and on the admission of each other's nationals:

a) Bahrain
b) Czech Republic
c) North-Macedonia
d) Croatia
e) Montenegro
f) Serbia
g) Slovenia
h) Turkey
i) Georgia
j) Moldova
k) Mongolia
l) Romania


Unrestricted business entry from abroad recorded as follows:

  • 10 / B. § (1) If entry into Hungary is an activity for business or economic purposes, the fact of which is proved by a non-Hungarian citizen upon entry into the territory of Hungary, he may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction.
  • The business nature of the travel must be credibly proven by completing this Certificate

Cultural events are subject to the same rules as sporting events:

  • Spectators of international sports events and cultural events held in Hungary can only enter the country if they have a negative PCR test result, have a ticket to the event and undergo a health examination, and are obliged to leave the country within 72 hours of entry. A PCR test performed in a Schengen member state, as well as in the United States of America or in Canada will be accepted, the results of which will be certified by the relevant document in Hungarian or English. /422/2020, which entered into force on 5 September. (IX. 4.)/


Budapest aims to host 100% of the stadium capacity, but with strict stadium entry requirements for spectators.
As a ticket holder travelling to Budapest, you won't be required to quarantine. Other entry requirements such as a negative COVID-19 test result still apply.

These rules may change at short notice, so please be informed on the Government website and follow our information we share here related to up-to-date Hungarian Government regulations.

Kind regards,

Péter Vezekényi

General Manager

Health Care Codex

COVID-19 operating protocol of Prestige Hotel Budapest****

Last reviewed: April 25, 2021
The following precautions change depending on up-to-date government guidance or circumstances.

We will send you an e-mail containing, besides the description of our hotel services, a link to our epidemiological protocol available online. Click on the link to find out about the precautions we take for you and which we ask of you to follow in our hotel area.
According to the current restrictions of the Hungarian Government we kindly inform you about the below-mentioned rules:

  • Restaurants are open for those who have immunity certificate, and all terraces are open – for further information please contact the reception.
  • The hotel restaurant can serve hotel guests /the restaurant offers breakfast and limited service between 11 – 21:30/. Costes Downtown opening days and Hours:  Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, open for Lunch and Dinner. Saturdays, open for Dinner only.
  • Shops and services (e.g. hairdressers) are open.
  • Grocery stores and pharmacies are open.
  • Recreational facilities in Budapest, including gyms, indoor swimming pools, museums, theaters, cinemas, zoos are open for those who have immunity certificate.
  • Our relaxation and fitness rooms are closed indefinitely.
  • Guests should wear a mask in all common areas in the hotel, which covers the nose and mouth too.
  • Everybody should wear a mask on the street as well.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, tiredness and weakness, loss of appetite, and less commonly sore throat and diarrhea. Please postpone your trip if you experience any symptoms of the virus. If you experience symptoms at our hotel, please inform our Reception, so that we can help you to contact the nearest health institute as soon as possible.

The virus is mostly spread by droplet infection. For prevention, please ensure regular and thorough hand washing and sanitizing!

What we do for you

  • The Hungarian Government has announced from April 2021, again the strict rules and epidemiological preparedness related to the emergency situation, we operate our hotel with certain precautions specified in the emergency situation for your utmost safety.
  • The staff has been educated about the new regulations.
  • The Executive Housekeeper or the Assistant Housekeeper is responsible for the compliance of the changed rules, who are also at your disposal on the spot in any case.
  • The regulations are reviewed at regular intervals for the most effective protection and to achieve the optimal level of operation.
  • Before the reopening, all our employees underwent a coronavirus test. During work, we constantly monitor their health and their body temperature is measured every day at the beginning of work.
  • All our employees wear the protective equipment recommended according to the Hungarian Government and the World Health Organization guidance.
  • Information boards are placed at the Reception to help you keep the social-distancing measures of recommended 1.5 meters.
  • Contactless hand sanitizing stations have been set up at several points in the hotel.
  • We regularly check the operation of these hand sanitizing stations.
  • We encourage and support contactless payment, as well as e-invoices.
  • Information boards have been placed throughout the hotel.

What we ask of you to follow

  • If you would like to wear protective equipment, please pick up your health package on arrival at the Reception.
  • Please keep the recommended social-distancing of 1.5 meters in the hotel's public areas.
  • Please use the contactless hand sanitizer placed at several points of the hotel.
  • Please follow and check out the information shared throughout the hotel area. Help us to make your stay perfectly safe from a health point of view as well.

What we do for you

  • Our drivers wear protective equipment in accordance with government health guidelines.
  • We provide a face mask for all our guests, who use our hotel transfer service.
  • Our drivers perform a full disinfectant cleaning after each trip, paying special attention to frequently touched surfaces, such as handles, buttons, seat belts… etc.
  • Our drivers keep the frequent hand sanitizing rules both before and after the disinfection of the car and before and after all transfer services.
  • During traveling, the air in the passenger compartment is cleaned with an antibacterial air disinfectant.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please wear a face mask in the car.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer placed in the car.
  • If waste is generated during the trip, please put it in the designated hermetically sealable bag.
  • Please minimize in-car conversation. Although our drivers are famous for their hospitality and friendly chats, our request is made with our best intention for your utmost safety.

What we do for you

  • On arrival, we provide all our guests with a free, sealed health package, which includes a hand sanitizer and a face mask.
  • With your permission, we disinfect the outside of your luggage, paying special attention to ensure the undamaged condition of its material.
  • Disinfectant hand washing is mandatory for our employees.
  • On request, we perform contactless body temperature measures at the entrance. Our guests with a body temperature higher than 37 ° C or 98.6F are discreetly directed to the nearest health institute.
  • For our arriving guests, we placed hand sanitizing gel at the Reception.
  • Your room key card is disinfected.
  • We provide detailed information to all our guests.
  • We placed a key card and pen collection point at the Reception so that we can disinfect them after each use.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please use the hand sanitizing station at the hotel entrance.
  • Please keep the recommended social-distancing of 1.5 meters.

What we do for you

  • We clean and disinfect our guest rooms with special care.
  • Our housekeeping staff wears protective equipment.
  • Frequently touched surfaces, such as telephones, remote controls, handles, faucets, light switches, temperature control panels, safes,…etc. are regularly disinfected during your stay.
  • Most of the paper-based information has been removed from the rooms, the Guest Service Directory, describing the hotel's services, is available on the TV's information system.
  • In-room cutlery and utensils are cleaned at a temperature of at least 82 ° C.
  • Bedding is handled with the utmost care, bagged, sealed, and shipped. The laundry washes all textiles at a temperature of at least 60 ° C. During washing, the textiles are treated with bactericidal and virucidal disinfectants.
  • Ensuring fresh air and adequate ventilation, our staff makes the room cleaning next to the open window.
  • Before your arrival, we place hand sanitizer and face masks in each room.
  • The remote control is placed in a protector.
  • After the leave of a guest and the full cleaning, we keep the room empty for a long time before a new arrival.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please read the information placed in your room.
  • Please indicate if you require an extra cleaning service.

What we do for you

  • Room service is provided with minimal contact.
  • Our staff serves your order in a face mask.
  • Our digital menu is available on the TV's information system.
  • We inform you about the changed protocol during the telephone order.
  • The food you have ordered is always delivered covered.
  • Our staff always keep the recommended social-distancing of 1.5 meters and only enters your room on your special request.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please make your room service order via the in-room TV’s information system.
  • Please use your own pen or the one placed in your room to sign the bill.

What we do for you

  • We limited our capacity in order to provide your utmost safety.
  • We rearranged the tables with ensuring the recommended social-distancing of at least 1.5 meters during both the service and the meal.
  • Our waiters are at your disposal in a face mask.
  • In our restaurant we perform disinfectant cleaning after each guest, paying special attention to the chairs and tables.
  • Frequently touched surfaces (counters, toilets, railings, handles, light switches, etc.) are disinfected at least every 3 hours.
  • Salt and pepper have been removed from the tables and are served by our service staff.
  • The menus are disinfected after each use.
  • Our a’ la carte menu is available during the entire opening hours.
  • Tables are set with cutlery only upon your arrival.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please make a table reservation in order to serve you at the highest possible level.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer on arrival at the restaurant.
  • Please take a seat only at a free and disinfected table.
  • With your table reservation made in advance, except at breakfast, you help us a lot keep the changed rules of seating.

What we do for you

  • In the kitchen, our staff wears a face mask and prepares your food in accordance with the strictest hygiene regulations.
  • The kitchen area will continue to be disinfected regularly with paying special attention to frequently touched areas, such as equipment and food contact surfaces, etc.
  • We ask our suppliers for their COVID-19 protocol certificates.
  • On the surface of raw ingredients, the virus is viable for a very short time, therefore we consider washing with plenty of water to be sufficient instead of chemical disinfection.
  • If necessary, we clean and disinfect the packaging of all products.
  • Our menus are designed to avoid ingredients that cannot be properly disinfected.

What we do for you

  • Frequently touched surfaces (counter, handles, elevator control panel, elevator buttons, washbasin doors, lobby furniture) are disinfected at least every 3 hours; public restrooms at least every 1 hour.
  • Contactless hand sanitizing stations have been set up in the public areas.
  • The elevators can be used by a maximum of 2 people at the same time, except for groups and families traveling together.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please indicate if you require an extra cleaning service.
  • Please use the placed hand sanitizer.
  • Please keep the recommended social-distancing of 1.5 meters in the hotel's public areas.

What we do for you

  • The maximum number of people staying in the fitness room at the same time was set at 2 people and it is constantly monitored by our staff.
  • The fitness machines are disinfected at least every 3 hours.
  • We placed in our fitness room hand sanitizer, object disinfectant, and disposable disinfectant wipes.
  • For your safety, the jacuzzi in the Relax Room is not operated indefinitely.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please use the hand sanitizer in the fitness room.
  • Please disinfect the machine before and after use with the placed disinfectant and disposable disinfectant wipes.
  • Please keep the recommended social-distancing of 1.5 meters and the number limit during training.
  • Please read the information board placed in the fitness room.

What we do for you

  • Air conditioners are regularly disinfected.
  • In our conference rooms, the distance between the chairs is at least 1 meter or we adjust it according to the needs of our business partners.
  • Frequently touched surfaces (handles, doors, chairs, tables, etc.) are disinfected after each event.
  • Electronic equipment and visual aids are disinfected after each event.
  • We placed hand sanitizer in the conference rooms.
  • Our colleagues are at your disposal in a face mask.

What we ask of you to follow

  • Please use the hand sanitizer in the conference room on arrival.

We take care of you!

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